Saturday, July 13, 2013

Its all about the Lighting

Making interesting light is critical to making great photographs. Light and lighting can make or break an image's effectiveness. The illustration shared below is from my Applications of Science Photography class. It was made by one of the sophomores as part of an assignment we give at RIT. These 3 photographs are a classic example of how light and lighting can make something appear differently. I would ask which lighting is the best? and the answer of course is, "it depends."

That being shared, pictured below is an example of Sordoria fimicola photographed using brightfield illumination and dark field illumination at a camera capture magnification of x8. The spores appear very different using these 2 very different illuminations.

Snowflakes are transparent and have many internal facets. As such, when I light snowflakes I try to emphasize subtle features and use small illumination sources from various angles or directions. Just having a bright light will not be adequate to reveal, but rather the creation of good lighting takes time and critical observation of structure.

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